Little Inspirations Nursery Llantrisant

Little Inspirations Nursery Llantrisant, Rhondda Cynon Taf


Our Llantrisant setting was the first to open its doors. We have under-two and over-two sections, all leading out to a spacious garden. ESTYN registered to provide education for three year olds, receiving sector status in our last report.


Our baby room is self contained, with its own milk kitchen and cot room, designed to be to be a home from home environment where babies can be happy and content. Children are encouraged to explore and develop their sensory skills by following planned activities and a flexible routine. There is also direct access to the garden.


Our toddler room is designed for children who are taking their first steps and those that are more mobile. It has access to our garden and outdoor classroom. Toddlers have a separate dining area and messy area – the messy area allowing our toddlers to explore and experiment with a wide range of materials to enhance their sensory skills.


Our preschool room is registered to provide education for 3 – 5 year olds, following the foundation phase which is child led, encouraging independence with support from trained staff. There is access at all times to the garden and outside classroom. There is also a quiet room with access to computers, a separate dining area and a messy area.

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