St Aubin Penarth

St Aubin Penarth

Set just a short walk from Penarth`s town centre Penarth became the first nursery in the St. Aubin family in 1990. It is home for children aged from 6 weeks until they go to school with the option of wrap around care for your school aged child (up to 12 years). Split into three separate and self contained units child can grow with their peers and explore an environment designed for their age yet still under the same roof.

Click on the tabs below to learn about the different units in our Penarth nursery. 


The baby unit at Penarth nursery

The baby unit is home from home for up to 24 babies. The largest rooms are home to our older babies who love to toddle about and explore the large range of activities on offer for them, from messy play such as `gloop` play (cornflour + water) to creating their very own masterpieces - there is always something to interest the older baby!

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle is a tranquil world for our very young babies who still enjoy the quiet things in life. Home for up to 9 babies the calm and restful room has been desiged to provide stimulation at your little ones level complete with low level mirrors and large mobiles for them to gaze at. Classical music is often played to soothe your little one.

The babies will also love exploring their very own sensory room, so many tactile things to explore. We work hard to create a homely feel, your baby will be loved and enjoyed during the day.

Babies are gradually integrated with the toddlers so that they are well prepared for entry into the toddler unit. Transfer into the toddler unit will take place when both parents and staff are satisfied that the time is right. 

You will always know what your baby has been doing,eaten and drunk during the day with the daily feedback sheets or diaries which will always keep you informed. These sheets however are not designed to replace the daily chat with the nursery staff.


The toddler suite at Penarth nursery

This is a self-contained toddler suite which accommodates up to thirty children.

The toddler suite is totally self-contained yet linked to the main school building offering the best of both facilities for your child. Good quality, age appropriate toys and equipment, combined with qualified and caring staff will ensure that your child`s day is happy and secure. Each child will be treated as an individual with their own special requirements being met. Their day will be tailored to suit their needs. The above standard of care will be achieved by our high staff ratio which will ensure that all the children will receive full attention at all times.

The children join us in the toddler suite from about two years old and will enjoy a wide range of activities designed to challenge and stimulate the children. They will enjoy taking part in activities such as cooking, messy play, arts and crafts and outdoor play so that they never get bored! They have their very own little tables and chairs so they can easily access everything. We have a quiet area where the children can take themselves off and read a story or have a lie down whenever they want to, or a nap during the day - perfect to recharge their little batteries!

During their time in the toddler suite, the children will explore the toilet training stage and we know how stressful this can be for both you and your little one. Here the children have their very own little toilets and sinks at a height that`s just right, with the children being encouraged to sit on them and see their friends using them so that when it comes to their time they will feel at ease and want to be big too! 

The bigger toddlers will continue their development to "big nursery" at approximately 3 years.  


Nursery school Penarth

We feel it is important to provide activities and guidance in a child`s early years, which will assist your child to develop to the best of his/her ability. For up to 38 children in this unit between 2.5 to school age, these activities will include drawing, painting, craft, music and movement co-ordination, singing, games constructional work, cooking, basic Welsh and imaginative free play.

We try to encourage the children to take ownership for their own learning and through the watchful eye of their keyworker the children explore and develop in a safe yet stimulation environment. The children are always given choices at St. Aubin which helps to develop their own decision making skills and confidence and whilst they will never be pushed by us we will work very closely to ensure that work is is planned at their level and so that they may develop at their own pace under the guidelined of the foundation phase.

Our qualified teacher and curriculum manager Jodie will oversee the work that they do with the staff and will help to plan future activities.

It is our aim to provide a Nursery School which will be well equipped with various toys, books, writing and drawing materials and educational aids designed to stimulate your child`s imagination and allowing him/her to play/experiment, share and experience.


Outdoor space at Penarth nursery

We have a large outdoor space for the children to explore comprising of bikes, trampoline, road map, climbing frame complete with play safe surface, construction area and play houses.

All the children will have access to the garden throughout the day in nursery and will often go for walks to the local parks and beach. Story time at the local library is also great fun!

 They have their very own sensory areas, music centre and vegetable patch at the side where they grow some vegetables to use in their cooking. The cabbages this year have wowed them all in size!


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