St Aubin Romilly Road

St Aubin Romilly Road

"We are approved for funded provision for children over three years of age" 

At approximately 2 the children will leave their baby nursery in Victoria Park and carry on their journey along the road to the toddler, nursery and pre-school section of the nursery. Home for up to 42 children the children here enjoy educational based activities around a variety of themes. Emphasis is put upon a child directed learning way of thinking to allow the children to explore and take ownership for their own learning. A range of experiences are given to the children to explore and develop their own skills in a stimulating and age appropriate environment. The children`s work is again displayed all around the nursery and together with the photographs you will see, will allow you insight again into how the children spend their day. Cooking activities also play a big part in life at Romilly Rd with their individual masterpieces being taken home for you to savour and appreciate! Romilly Rd enjoy a planned timetable of educational visits to help the children gain further insight into the topic that they are exploring. These visits include firefighter visits, police visits, mobile zoos and farms. The children also take advantage of a range of multicultural days that take into account a range of foods, costumes and traditions which help them to appreciate a way of life other than their own.

At this age the children will journey on through the process of toilet training and with the toilets built at their level we can assist them along this process. 

Meal times in nursery are a very important and busy time of the day. The children dine in groups with a member of staff so that they may get the close attention that they need at this young age. The older children are encouraged to cut their own food and use their cutlery although there is always a nursery nurse there. This also helps them to begin to explore those all important social graces and table manners that will become all the more important later on. Behind the nursery is the enclosed garden space where the children can release some of their energy using the range of toys and equipment available to them. The child safe surface that surrounds the climbing apparatus ensure that they have the freedom to explore safely with reduced risks of accidents.

Naturally as their day is packed full with exciting things the children become tired and do still appreciate time to rest during the day. With this in mind a rest room is set up for them to revive themselves so that they are ready for their next exciting adventure.

The outdoor space available at Romilly Rd, is designed to house a range of bikes and equipment to allow the children to make the most of the outdoors. Chalking, painting, water and sand play can also be seen to happen outside of the internal walls. We have also installed an outdoor classroom for the children in Romilly Rd to really embrace the outdoor/ indoor approach to learning. The classroom, fitted with eleccticity and heaters means that whatever the weather the children can freely explore the environment. The children also enjoy planned visits outside the confines of the nursery building to places such as the local parks, police stations or such like. This allows them to appreciate their natural surroundings and explore what goes on outside of their nursery life. Naturally these visits will take place taking safety precautions and all children will wear wrist straps or reigns when outside of the nursery building.

Our Romilly Rd nursery is open from 7.30am until 6pm


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