St Aubin Romilly Park Day Nursery

St Aubin Romilly Park Day Nursery

The original Romilly Park nursery was taken over by myself in December 1998 as a sister nursery to St. Aubin Nursery in Penarth. Nearly ten years later because of popular demand we expanded the nursery to the outskirts of the park to a bigger building that is now home to Romilly Park nursery school. Set over two floors the self contained units home the special age groups with equipment and toys specifically designed to match. We have also created story rooms, play rooms and sleep areas for all the children to use as they wish.

Baby Unit

Our baby unit is home for up to 21 babies, providing a calm, comfortable and caring environment in which to nurture our young babies.

Our experienced and qualified staff ensure all our babies have plenty of love and attention and have the activities they need to stimulate and encourage them to learn, develop and to explore the world around them. 

The environment in which the nursery is situated, provides ideal opportunity for our nursery nurses to spend time walking in the park with the babies. Our spacious garden, well stocked with suitable equipment for toddlers, provides babies with the challenges they need as they grow. 

Babies are gradually integrated with the toddlers so that they are well prepared for entry into the toddler unit. Transfer into the toddler unit will take place when both parents and staff are satisfied that the time is right. 

You will always know what your baby has been doing, and eaten and drunk during the day with the daily feedback sheets or diaries which will always keep you informed. These sheets however are not designed to replace the daily chat with the nursery staff.The baby unit is made up of a large open planned area filled with toys and exciting things for babies to explore and find. this leads to a smaller area designed for the smaller and less active babies who need their own special attention and toys and away from the hustle and bustle of the older babies. The unit holds it own spacious feeding area and milk kitchen so that the staff may prepare the individual babies feeds whenever they may need them, and a cot room so that they may rest in a quiet and tranquil space. The specially designed baby "wet room" completes this spacious unit with it`s texture trays and access to water and messy play make the perfect messy space for the growing baby!

Toddler & Pre-School

These areas are areas for growth and learning whilst still allowing for plenty of love and nurturing. With several rooms at our disposal it is easy to keep the children engaged and stimulated doing age appropriate activities and having fun. A list of which will always be displayed on the parents notice board, together with a timetable and our menu. 

We feel it is important to provide activities and guidance in a child`s early years, which will assist your child to develop to the best of his/her ability. These activities will include drawing, painting, craft, music, movement co-ordination, singing, games, constructional work and imaginative free play. 

Your child will not be pushed at Romilly Park but if we feel that he or she is ready to begin the fundamentals of the more formal educational activities; reading and writing techniques, will be supervised by our professional staff, their aim will be to develop your child`s abilities and work towards the first stages of the National Curriculum and the foudation phase. 

It is our aim to provide a Nursery School which will be well equipped with various toys, books, writing and drawing materials and educational aids designed to stimulate your child`s imagination. Allowing your child to play/experiment, share and experience. 

The children at Romilly Park are educated through the medium of English. All our children are treated as individuals and their day will be tailored to suit their needs.

Outdoor space

Romilly Park nursery enjoys being surrounded by large gardens where the children can explore and have fun in safety. With its grassed area and climbing frames, hard stand with bikes and trikes, herb / planting garden and construction area there is something that will appeal to everyone.

Romilly Park also now has its very own outdoor classroom bringing the outdoors into their work. No matter what the weather is with their new classroom outside they will be able to explore the nature around them regardless of the the weather.

St. Aubin Romilly Park is also very lucky to be situated so close to areas of natural beauty. With the park opposite complete with grassy area, the Knapp beach just a short stone throw away the children can often be found exploring the surrounding areas.

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