The Wootzoo story

Wootzoo is a one stop shop for advertising, taking bookings, communicating with your customers and accepting payments.

We understand that running a business and organising activities can come with a lot of admin. Your time is precious and technology shouldn’t be a barrier to you running your business in a way that works for you. So we designed Wootzoo to make running your activity business much easier, quicker and simpler.

Why have we created Wootzoo?

Running the business side should be fun too!

Say “no” to clunky systems designed by teams of programmers with zero experience of taking part in or running classes! Instead, we want to bring you a user experience that makes the whole process of running your business fun, fast and fluid.

Wootzoo creates an interactive user experience that will change the way parents and businesses interact, which evolves along with your relationship with your customers.

mobile view of booking from user end
mobile view of booking from user end px-5

About the Founders

Ali (Wootzoo’s marketing manager) has a background in marketing small businesses and project management. Ali & Matthew are also parents of young children, so understand first-hand that parents want to be able to book and organise their children’s activities easily and flexibly. Wootzoo has been built from the perspective of both the activity organiser and the person booking the activity. It’s this 2-way approach which makes Wootzoo stand out from the crowd.

Above all, we want Wootzoo to be a trusted place that connects you with your customers in a meaningful way - and makes running your business easier, simpler and joyful!