• Nursery Admin
  • saves you time and money with automated features.

    Our software not only provides booking, billing and payment management, it is also a communication network for Nurseries and parents.

    lets you manage all your nursery children's details, send notes and updates to parents, manage staff rotas, register new children and create waiting lists. You can even add your staff members and send parents real-time photos and updates about what their child has eaten, played with and when they’ve slept.

    And that's not all...

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    Complete nursery management

    Let your staff help change the world and let do everything else

    • Automated payment processing
    • Invoicing & billing
    • Staff & Child room ratio's
    • Nursery page & social feed
    • Staff Profiles
    • Milestones and curriculum
    • Add feeds, sleeps and nappy changes
    • Add staff members
    • Instant messaging system
    • Automated waiting list
    mobile view of booking from user end
    mobile view of booking from user end px-5

    Reducing Admin and costs

    Let us take care of the 'paperwork'

    • Automated registrations
    • Access to child's vital medical and nutritional info
    • Parent and guardian profile
    • Set internal notes
    • Segment children into groups
    • Group messaging
    • Build trust with reviews

    Creating communities

    We help build trust between you and parents, offering a portal to share ideas and information with other members of your Nursery staff and direct to parents

    • Build and maintain your Nursery's online presence
    • Reviews and Recommendations from other parents are proven to increase signups for childcare providers
    • Build an ongoing personable relationship with your community
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    mobile view of booking from user end