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For parents

Looking for something fun to do this week?

We're speaking to all the coolest people with the most fun activities to get them listed, so you can find them!

We're concentrating our efforts on South Wales at the moment, but hope to get the whole of the South West listed within a few months!

Add a location and hit search. You can then drill down your options and find the perfect activity for you and your family!

Have fun!

Wootzoo has been developed to assist parents in their parenting journey

Find childcare local to any location in Wales

We'd love you to help the community by leaving honest reviews about your experience

Use Wootzoo to directly message approved nurseries and receive instant updates on your child's progress

Record when your child feeds, sleeps and all your nappy changes. As parents, it's useful to know how your child is developing and to be able to track any changes that are happening. Wootzoo helps you to spot any patterns in their behaviour day to day.

Wootzoo has been developed and approved by a team of childcare specialists and nursery practitioners.

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For Activities Organisers

We know you put on amazing, fun activities for children!

You've booked the venue, you've topped up on supplies and you've rehearsed your lines.

The only problem now is getting your message out to all the other parents who don't know you exist yet!

Welcome to Wootzoo Activities.

Wootzoo makes it easy for activity organisers to reach out to parents and effectively target thousands of local parents looking for your awesome activities.... All for free!

Let's go!

For Childcare Proviers

Wootzoo simplifies and streamlines communication between your Nursery and parents

Save time and money by using Wootzoo's intuitive features to communicate with parents in seconds

Simple and effective - Communicate with parents and staff with a single click of a button

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Greener communication - No more written reports at the end of the day.

Eco Friendly - No registration forms

Parent and child profiles all complete before you meet! Making enrollment simple!

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