How to write a great bio for your children’s activity business that will help you fill your classes! 10 Tips from a Copywriter

The value of being able to concisely explain what you do in your business is so important. People are bombarded with so much news and content these days that attention spans are lower and competition is high. Fear not though! We’re here to help. We’ve compiled a list of simple tips to make sure that you’re putting your brilliant children’s activities and classes forward in the very best light. 

Once you’ve written your summary then use it for your Wootzoo profile; as part of your website ‘About Us’ section; or to create social media posts which introduce you and your business.  

1. Keep it snappy. Research shows that core webpages (like your ‘About Us’ page) of between 300 to 500 words tend to rank better in search engine results. This would take the average reader between 1.5 and 3 minutes to read. Long enough to give them the key information they need and stoke their interest, but not too long to distract them from booking. You can use condensed versions or snippets to create social media posts and graphics. 

2. Consider who you are trying to attract and be crystal clear about this in your first sentence. Leave potential customers thinking “YES! This is for me!”

3. Make sure you speak directly to your target market - show them how your activity can help solve a problem or desire for them. Empathise with any problems that your activity could solve for them/their child. 

Example: Are you looking for activities to help your child with their self-esteem? Karate is a great activity for children who want to build confidence and make new friends. Book your child into a free taster session today and see how martial arts can benefit their mental and physical health. 

4. Focus on what the children will gain by joining your activity - focus on the benefits, not just the features. 

Example:  “All of our coaches are first aid trained - so you know your children are in safe hands” or “We provide healthy break-time snacks and drinks - so you don’t have to worry about packing extras”. 

Try this formula to get started: "[ FEATURE - what your business does/has] so that [BENEFIT - why should your customer care]"

5. Are there any questions which you get asked all the time about your activity? You could cover the answers in your bio, as this might help to overcome any objections people have to signing up. 

Example: “Do I need to buy a kit or uniform straight away?” “No - You can wear any sports clothing for the first few sessions. We then have a team kit available for a small donation if your child would like to join for the rest of the term.” 

6. Remember, people like to buy from people, not faceless companies, so think about how you can bring some of your personality into your writing! You could say why you started the business and why you love what you do. 

7. Reading your bio might be the first time your customer meets you and your business, so always check your spelling and grammar. You could copy and paste the text into a Word document or use a free program like ‘Grammarly’ to run a spell check. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors might seem small, but they can be off-putting and detract from your message. 

8. Ask someone else to proofread it for you. Ask them what they thought the main points were and if there’s anything you missed. You can email it to us too if you’d like a fresh pair of eyes (we have an in-house copywriter). You can reach us at [email protected].

9. If you run a free/discounted trial session then make sure you mention this - it will help remove the risk for the customer, knowing that they can try it out before they commit to a longer sign-up period. 

10. Lastly, add any essential logistical information - where, when, how long, can parents stay and watch etc. Make sure that you keep this updated when things change within your business. 

If you’ve found this helpful you can follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more ideas and subscribe to our newsletter here. We’d love to see all the great things you’re doing, so send us an email or DM and we’ll give you a shout out on our socials!

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