Your favourite coaching assistant

saves you time and money with automated features.

Our software not only provides booking and payment management, it is also a platform to grow and advertise your business.

l lets you know about your customers, analyse payment breakdowns, and automate time consuming tasks. We even know when your busy periods are coming up.

And that's not all...

Advanced booking system

Create flexible booking options for your club

  • Manage bookings, take payments for subs, and sell tickets
  • Take cash or upfront card payments
  • Set recurring or one off activities
  • Allow users to book in part way through the term
  • Create Discount Codes
  • Password protect bookings
  • Automated waiting list
mobile view of booking from user end
mobile view of booking from user end px-5

Build and connect with your community

Share news and build a community

  • Post to your activity feed
  • Share updates directly with your customers
  • Set internal notes and reminders
  • Segment your customers
  • Group messaging
  • Build trust with reviews