Our next tutorial shows you how to update your payment details so you can start taking payments from customers.

  • From your main dashboard screen, go into the ‘profile information’ section.
  • Here you will see a prompt to ‘set up your payments’. You will need to do this to be able to take payments for your bookings.
  • Click on the link. This will take you to a screen where you can enter your details securely. Our payment gateway is powered by Stripe, which means it is both fast and secure.
  • You’ll need to enter a few details on the next screen. Firstly, are you a sole trader or a registered company? Secondly, you’ll need to put in a mobile phone number, and also an email address. Then press ‘continue’.
  • Stripe will then send you a verification code by text message which you need to enter on the next screen. Once your mobile number is verified, Stripe will then ask for a few more details about your business to get your account set up for you.
  • Follow the instructions on the next screen and once your Stripe account is verified then you’ll be all set to start receiving payments from your customers.

Watch the video below to see these steps in action!